Getting back into the groove,,,new partlet started

Well yesterday I must have snapped back into my creative groove big time, I decided about 2pm yesterday that my new outfit will need a new partlet. So I dived into pinterest, as you do, and chose a style, OK it is the same style as one I’ve already made but I still like it and it’s comfortable, a big nod from me. It’s based sort of on the Maria de Medici by Allori.


However I wanted it to be predominately white with touches of gold.

So yeah cruising around pinterest I came across a load of beading pages, fell into Russian beading, decided nope too hard for right now. Then came across a picture of a beaded skirt, and the pattern reminded me of my personal heraldic device, which has 5 mascles, or diamonds, on it, this inspired me to sit down and draw something up, and I remembered I had some cute little pearl clusters in my stash already.




figuring out the pattern

I then stayed up late couching on string pearls, yes they are plastic but they are in my stash and I need to use as much from stash as possible.


There will be more pearls added to the half diamonds once I have worked a little more on the rest of the partlet.


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