Re-interpreting an old pattern

When I make a piece I usually use a previous pattern and tweak it to make it fit better, a new shape neckline or waistline. This usually is within months of each usage at the most. Today I have pulled out a pattern from five years ago to reuse. Suprisingly I had carefully stored most of the pieces so the only piece missing was the collar, an easy piece to replace. This was a pattern I made myself as I couldn’t find anything close to the portrait that I was interpreting.

The inspiration portrait for my original piece was the portrait of Livia Barbiano

livia Barbiano


I made my version in pale blue silk with gold trim and a blue and gold sottana and sleeves.


IRCC 2012


My new inspiration is from a number of portraits.


isabella de'medici by Bronzino

Isabella de Medici by Allesandro Allori

However I am unsure of the lower sleeves, I would like to do some purple silk cut work ones instead of her black,. I am infatuated with all the pearls against the black of the gown. I will be lining the bodice with purple silk.

The sottana underneath will be a previously made cream brocade that is very comfortable and fits quite well, also fits the purple black and white colour scheme.

sottana front

I am also making new jewellery for the outfit because you know all the bling 🙂


Here is the pattern pinned over the sottana, seems to be going to fit fine



Anyways I will attempt to blog my progress on this, I have about a month for the overgown, but I am working on other pieces concurrently so we’ll see if I remember.






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