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Cosimo in purple…the collection continues

Cosimo I de’ Medici (1519–1574), Grand Duke of Tuscany Agnolo Bronzino (1503–1572) (after) National Trust, Overbeck’s Alessandro Allori (1535-1607) Portrait of Cosimo I de Medici,oil on poplar panel,86 x 65 cm. Source-Dickinson Gallery,London and New York. Advertisements

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“Purple isn’t period” A quest

Anyone who like me loves the colour purple and involved in anything like the SCA has probably at one time or another been told, “but purple isn’t period. ” or the old classic, “only royalty were allowed to wear purple.” Well … Continue reading

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Coverciere/partlet nearly done

I worked steadily on my new partlet yesterday for around 6-7 hours, I am really slow at hand sewing but it’s coming along! Just need to finish sewing on the edge trim and finish the construction work and she’s done! … Continue reading

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Getting back into the groove,,,new partlet started

Well yesterday I must have snapped back into my creative groove big time, I decided about 2pm yesterday that my new outfit will need a new partlet. So I dived into pinterest, as you do, and chose a style, OK … Continue reading

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Re-interpreting an old pattern

When I make a piece I usually use a previous pattern and tweak it to make it fit better, a new shape neckline or waistline. This usually is within months of each usage at the most. Today I have pulled … Continue reading

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