so IRCC seven has come and gone and I’ve moved so what now….

Well I have been very naughty not updating this blog at all for ages! The Italian Renaissance Costume Challenge has come and gone for this year, you can see my completed peacock ensemble and how I did in the scoring this year, here.

I am quite pleased at even finishing the outfits as I was packing and moving from Perth, Western Australia, all the way to Christchurch, New Zealand, at the same time the challenge was running! I took a little time out from the packing, cleaning etc, to sew, it was my sanity break. I am not sure if I shall ever enter the challenge again as I think there are other avenues for me to pursue now.

So what now? well the SCA over here has some big events coming up in a while so I have to regarb my kids, who won’t stop growing! Also hopefully new outfits for myself and husband.

The move has also brought me to the same city to my laurel Mistress Isabel Maria del Aguila. I have been her apprentice for 3 years now, and the tyranny of distance has meant we only had a very limited time together but now hopefully we can spend more time sewing and stuff.

I have also been considering doing an ongoing review of my books I have collected, so I think I shall start on this very soon.



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1 Response to so IRCC seven has come and gone and I’ve moved so what now….

  1. Isabel Maria says:

    Yes! It is wonderful having you in the same city and I look forward to the development of our Laurel-Apprentice relationship. 🙂


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