So another year rolls by and it’s IRCC time again. This year the Peacock Gown!

I have been rather naughty and very lax at updating my blog, but it’s Italian renaissance Costume Challenge time again, and even though my life is very stressful and hectic I just could not refrain from entering again.

So this year it’s The Peacock Gown. I have had this gown formulating in my mind for about 3 years now, it has grown from a very negative start to  a project I am going to have some fun with.

The negative start. A few years again at a major Baronial event in the SCA group I attend, a not so nice thing happened. A person who was obviously not being courteous and chivalric tried to insult me by calling me, “Just a preening peacock who does nothing but walk around as though she’s better than everyone else.”

This hurt me quite deeply at the time, luckily for me I have an awesome mentor whose advice in this situation was, the best revenge is looking awesome. Thus the peacock dress was born. I mean who doesn’t think peacocks are gorgeous!? All those pretty blues and greens!

I came across some blue and green shot silk on a bargain table and it has sat patiently in my fabric stash until I became brave enough to make the gown. This year I think I am brave enough to do it.

The gown will be based up on Portrait of a Lady (maybe Eleonora Gonzaga) by Francesco Montemezzano, ,circa 1590.

Francesco Montemezzano Portrait of a lady maybe eleonora Gonzaga cica 1590

I am embellishing the front of the bodice and the sleeves with gold peacocks embroidered on my clever machine as my hands just aren’t up to doing embroidery right now, but beading will happen as it always does.

I have started construction of this outfit and will post again soon to update on it’s progress.


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