About me and my SCA life


SCA life and times of

Mandy L’Estrelle


The Honourable Lady Ydeneya de Baillencourt

Name: Ydeneya de Baillencourt

registered with the Lochac College of Herald in October 2008


Purpure, a unicorn couchant and on a chief argent, five mascles vert.

Registered with the Lochac College of Heralds in August 2011

Persona Story:

I was born in the middle of the 16h century in France, near the Abbey of Messines.

My father, Pierre, being the youngest son of a noble family, had little fortune and so became a merchant trader. On one of his many trips to England he met a young Yorkshire lass named Ydeneya Wills, whom he fell in love with and married. He brought her back to live in Messines.

I was born a goodly time later and my father named me for my mother who unfortunately did not survive long after my birth. Sadly when I was still quite young my father also died whilst on one of his trading expeditions, and I was sent by my aunt Jeanne, who was the abbess of Messines, to live with her distant cousin Guido in Florence Italy.

My cousin was quite a wealthy man, although his character may not be quite reputable, but I have had the fortune to be introduced into the Doges court and enjoy all the quality of life therein.

I am fortunate that my dear father and uncle have left me quite prosperous, with villas in both Venice and Florence, so I spend my time where I wish, and with little inducements to marry, I run my own household, however I do favour to spend some of my time with a gentleman of good character and suitable rank, Lord Hadrian de Listrille.


My Sca life began with the discovery of the SCA at the Perth Medieval Faire in 2006, I began participating with the formation of the Shire of Dragon’s Bay, in 2007 where I was on the council as Reeve and Chatelaine.

In 2009 to widen our horizons we moved our participation to the then Canton of Abertridwr, where again I served as Chatelaine then Reeve. As the canton was part of the Barony of Aneala, many of the events were baronial.

House Annwn was created by myself and two other ladies, Lady Rosamond de Montfort and Lady Rosalind de Peregrine (sadly Lady Rosalind has since left the household)as a result of regular sewing get togethers, when I had the crazy idea that we should become a household. I researched and came across the name Annwn.

The name Annwn is taken from “Preiddeu Annwn” a cryptic early Welsh poem of sixty lines from the “Book of Taliesin”. The text recounts an expedition of King Arthur to Annwn, the Welsh other world, a world of delights and eternal youth where disease is absent and food is ever abundant.

This description was accepted as very appropriate for our household.

The household motto originally chosen was “subsisto somnium” which translates loosely as “stop the nonsense”. It relates to encouraging household members to not become embroiled in the disagreements that can bring the game into a bad state. There has been some discussion recently to change this motto to something more fitting along the lines of “contagiosus est precario” which translates as “Courtesy is Contagious”.

House Annwn

Since 2011 I have been official Head of House Annwn, and this entails trying to give direction and purpose to our household, by running events as a household and encouraging each other with our goals and aspirations. The household has expanded to hold about 15 members.

Recognition and Awards:

In the Kingdom of Lochac:

Award of Arms

given by Berenger I and Bethan I,

on 5 July 2008,

at Lochac Midwinter Coronation

Order of the Golden Tear

given by Gabriel II and Constanzia II,

on 6 June 2011,

at Pencampwr

Royal Cypher

given by Gabriel II and Constanzia II,

on 2 July 2011,

at Midwinter Coronation

Order of the Star and Lily

given by Alfar III and Angharat I,

on 10 May 2014,

at May Crown Tourney AS XLIX

Order of the Silver Pegasus

given by Steffan and Branwen

on 27 September 2015,

at Anealan Baronial Championship

Order of the Prometheus

given by Gilbert and Bethony

on 20 January 2016

at Canterbury Faire

Order of the Cockatrice

given by Ariston and Lilavati

on 19 January 2017

at Canterbury Faire

In the Barony of Aneala:

Order of the Golden Swan

Given By: Lachlahn and Jane

On: 25/07/2009

Order of the Demi-sun

Given By: Branwen and Kilic

On: 26/09/2010

Baronesses favour

Given By: Branwen

On: 27/9/2011

Other achievements:

2010: Arobryn of Abertridwr

The Arobryn is the A&S Champion of Abertridwr. The Arobryn must to be able to demonstrate skills in a variety of different areas in the arts and sciences. It is therefore not enough to simply excel at one type of skill but to demonstrate excellence across at least 3 separate areas. I entered a cornucopia made from pastry, a painted pavise and an Italian style gown.

2014: Aneala Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion

This championship is held over the period of 12 months, and artisans must have entered a minimum of 3 pieces over that period to be considered.

2014: Kingdom of Lochac Arts and Sciences Champion

The Arts and Sciences Champion of Lochac is the gentle with the highest accumulated score over a year of Kingdom A&S Competitions from May Crown to Twelfth Night.

Involvement in the SCA:


25-26 Jun 2016

AUTOCRAT The Inaugural Golden thimble competition Aneala

21 May 2016

AUTOCRAT May in the Bay Royal visit

June 2015

A&S co-ordinator and teacher

Pencampwr XXI June 2014

A&S teacher

May 2014 May Crown,

Hall steward, lunch feastocrat

March 2014

Autocrat Ull’s Arrow

September 2013 27th-30th – Anealan Championship Weekend at Balingup


July 2013 Saturday 20th –

Not As It Seems Feast Hall steward

June 2013 Weekend 31st – 3rd June – PENCAMPWR IX

kitchen duties

January 2013 Sunday 13th – onwards

Autocrat Costuming Workshop (an 8 week course)

June 2012 Weekend 1st-4th –

PENCAMPWR VIII Kitchen duties

December 2011 Sunday 4th –

Toys For Tots co-autocrat

October 2011 Sunday 9th –

Arabian Nights Autocrat

March 2011 Sunday 13th –

Queens Guard Challenge Constable

December 2010 Sunday 12th –

Toys For Tots sub Autocrat

November 2010 Weekend 5th-7th – Lochac Crown Tourney – hosted by Aneala


June 2010 Weekend 4th-7th PENCAMPWR VI

Autocrating team member

December 2008 Yule feast

Autocrat and Hall steward

August 2009 Sunday 9th – Newcomers Collegia


June 15th-16th – Sausage Sizzle at Bunning’s O’Connor

team member


Sunday 9th – Dragon’s Bay Inaugural Archery Day

list keeper

My Interests in the SCA:

I have a great range of interests in the arts and sciences. I love to paint and have been designing and painting scrolls as part og the College of scribes. Costuming is my greatest passion and I am working on improving my skills in pattern drafting and construction methods, mainly in the area of late 16th century Italian garb but I also dabble in other times and cultures as the mood takes me. I make jewellery and allt he accessories to go with the garb as well. I sometimes have a go at archery and might one day get brave enough to try some rapier, if I can get my health issues under control enough.

The Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge:

I have entered this challenge each year for the six years it has been run by The Realm of Venus website. It is a four month long challenge to create a complete outfit including underwear and accessories. I have learned an incredible amount through participating in this challenge, through researching and construction. I push myself every year to try something new and to make the outfit better than the previous years. It has almost motivated me to accumulate a good library of resource books and websites to continue to grow my knowledge and skills.

Each year my placings in the overall points tally has improved and in 2015 I placed second overall.

In 2016 I was the Overall winner and also won the Best Historically Accurate Design and Best Historically Accurate Construction.

In the last 3 years I have also mentored  a number of other participants who successfully completed the challenge, it was wonderful to help them and encourage them and see them happy with their final results.

I look forward to taking part again if the challenge continues to be run.


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